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[Science Tips] Hengxin New Materials teaches you to identify regular bamboo-wood fiber integrated wallboard manufacturers!
In recent years, the rapid development of bamboo-wood fiber integrated wall panels can be described as a rapid popularity in the building materials market.
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[New products in advance] Hengxin new material grille hanging background wall is newly launched! ! !
In order to meet the growing aesthetic needs of consumers, the project R&D team of Hunan Hengxin New Building Materials Co., Ltd. has undergone continuous R&D, experimentation and improvement, and finally developed a green and environmentally friendly utility model "hanging grid background wall".
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Good news! Three new bamboo-wood fiber integrated wall franchisees successfully signed the contract with Hengxin Group!
Hengxin Group continues to sign contracts in April! Congratulations to President Cao of Meishengfei in Zhengxiang District of Hengyang, Mr. Liu of Anhui Huangshan Hengxinfu, and Mr. He of Hengyang Changning Meishengfei successfully signed the contract with Hengxin Group on the same day. Congratulations on the three happy visits! Hope The three bosses opened as soon as possible! The business is booming!
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Congratulations to the opening of Hengxin Fushiwan Store, and the strength of the integrated wall brand is coming!
"Peach blossoms in March in Yangchun, the blessing and welcoming treasure land is here." Today, amidst the noise of gongs and drums and festive salutes, Hengxinfu Integrated Wall Hengyang Shiwan Store finally unveiled her mysterious veil to local consumers. Becoming a local dazzling superstar in Shiwan, swaying her unique aristocratic atmosphere and luxury,
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Congratulations on our products being underwritten by China Life Property Insurance Co., Ltd. "Product Liability Insurance"!
Hengxin Group actively responded to the "Notice of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Ministry of Finance and the Insurance Regulatory Commission on the Pilot Work of the Insurance Compensation Mechanism for the First Batch of Key New Materials" and the "Hunan Provincial Economic and Information Technology Commission on the implementation of the insurance compensation mechanism for the first batch of key new materials." "Notice on Pilot Work",
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